Dunlop 2.0 Machine

Written by Paul Reilly

28 August 2020

Dunlop’s second generation stringing machine the Dunlop Stringing Machine 2.0 serves up high levels of precision, accuracy and speed while remaining incredibly user friendly and reliable.  No stringing service or specialist should be without this machine.

UKRSA members will be able to purchase this machine at a discounted rate from Framework Sports. Click HERE to visit their site.

Machine Features:

  • Available with Linear or Diabolo gripper traction system
  • Premium, non-slip clamps which do not damage string
  • User-friendly clamp bases with easy-push buttons
  • Precision metal brake with auto or manual control
  • Table top compatible
  • Multiple pull speeds – Low, Medium, High
  • Pre-stretch function – 0%, 5% or 10%
  • Compatible with Tennis, Squash and Badminton racquets
  • Tool kit included
  • Detailed instruction manual included. 

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