Tournaments Stringers Day

Written by David Hall

1 March 2022

Members will recall, we ran a successful tournaments stringers day last year at Frinton Tennis Club. And those attending have been the backbone of the Dunlop/UKRSA Stringing Team over the last 12 months.

We have opportunities for new tournament stringers this year and therefore propose to run the day again for any members wanting to start tournament stringing. This day will initially be open to UKRSA members only.

Whilst the day will concentrate on tennis tournaments the skills learnt can be easily transferred to both squash and badminton.

We plan an informative day focusing on the do’s and don’ts of running or being part of a stringing team, our partnership with Dunlop and most importantly put you into a tournament stringing scenario for the day to give you some idea of the pressures and fun of a tournament stringing room.

Members please sign in and go to the Technical Forum for more information.

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