UKRSA Article – plus COVID advice

Written by Paul Reilly

18 February 2021

UKRSA Technical Director and Founder Liam Nolan has written an article for sports-insight discussing the vital money earner racket restringing brings sports shops – plus some excellent COVID-aware guidance for handling of rackets.

A summary of COVID guidance for restringing:

  •  Receiving the racket. Wear gloves and keep them on until you start the actual stringing. Examine the racket for damage. 
  • If racket is in a bag or racket cover, return it. Remove and return any vibration dampeners. 
  • The grip is the most contaminated area. Have a roll of plastic cling film handy and wrap this around the grip. Work slip can then be attached with elastic band.
  • Cut out the strings, place in bin and cover.
  • Use industrial antibacterial wet wipes to wipe and clean the frame of the racket. This may be the ONLY time that its ever cleaned and can leave a pleasant smell! Use the wipes once only and dispose.
  • The stringing machine and tools will have been wiped down already after the last racket. Don’t forget to wipe down your mobile!
  • Gloves can now be removed to string the sanitised racket and add ink stencil.
  • If the grip is worn and dirty, then consider fitting a FREE thin white overgrip. They cost very little but add a professional touch that brings the customer back again.   
  • When work is complete, place racket in a plastic bag.
    • On collection, open the bag to expose the handle. Player takes racket, you keep the bag unless its needed. 
  • Wet wipes become your friend. They do dry out the skin, so a dab of moisturising cream now and then is good and keeps the skin supple.
  • Contactless payments are now the norm and so much safer but remember to use the wipes after handling cash. 
  • Demo rackets – Always have these ready for use, freshly strung with synthetic gut and fitted with a fresh white overgrip.

The full article can be found by clicking HERE


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