Liam Nolan
UKRSA Director

Liam is the Founder and Technical Director of the UKRSA. A professional sports coach for many years, he holds the record for the fastest ever judo throw! He became involved in racket stringing when Suffolk Squash Coach and he and his twin sons were breaking too many strings! After attending the W&D stringing course in Kent he carried on learning with the USRSA, achieved the Master Racquet Technician award, became involved in Wimbledon stringing and eventually became Head Stringer there before starting up the UKRSA.

The success story of the UKRSA lies in the very popular training courses which have attracted over 3000 course members to date. The UKRSA continues to develop new courses to meet the changing needs of the players, coaches and the retail outlets. The UKRSA is delighted to be entering into an exciting three years Partnership with Dunlop Sports and Framework which will further develop the Training Courses and resume management of the tournament stringing teams for all tennis and squash events in the UK.

When starting out all those years ago, there were many obstacles to overcome. It was always easier to give up than to struggle on, but late one night and half way through sorting out a problem, Liam scrawled something on a bit of paper and stuck it on the mirror to read next morning. It read “ A man who makes excuses is preparing for his next defeat” The bit of paper is long gone but it shaped the future of the UKRSA. “Pursue your dreams, you CAN achieve what you really want, nothing is gifted to you. Never blame others for YOUR failures. All successful people have fallen down many times before they reached their goals. Their belief in themselves and their dreams kept them going and they deserved success. Be one of them”