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The UKRSA plans to re-start the Training Courses in September. Should there be an opportunity to advance that start, then we will do so. Apologies to all those who have been asking to enrol for a course. We have also taken the “corona time” to chat with our members and look at ways in which we can make improvements.

You will soon see some changes – the 929 one-day Professional Stringer course has been tremendously popular. However, over the past six months there has been an increase in essential technical information added across all racket sports. This will inevitably result in having to run the course over two days. It will allow you more course hours to learn new practical skills and take on more knowledge without having to rush.

We will be running other one-day courses that are focused specifically at course members needs. For instance, many tennis coaches just want to learn how to string tennis rackets and have no wish to learn about squash, racketball and badminton. So we will be offering a one-day course in EITHER Tennis, Squash/Racketball or Badminton. They will be 9 hours in duration, from 9am through to 7pm. We are in negotiations with the LTA, England Squash and the BAE to make sure the course content is what is needed and carry full CPD points.

Other one-day courses will include Tournament Stringer, for those wishing to have an insight into what is required at a busy tournament and Racket Customising for those wishing to gain the skills and knowledge surrounding how to modify any rackets playing characteristics. This can be for the professional player or for club players needing to have their rackets and strings perform in a different way.

Our Technical Forum is a source of excellent advice and information, but it needs YOU to be part of its success! Do drop in and become involved. Click on the Membership button to sign up and become a valued part of the UKRSA.

If you wish to enquire about courses dates, locations, content etc please email me on 

Liam Nolan, UKRSA Technical Director  

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