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The Aim of the UK Racket Stringers Association

To promote the knowledge of Racket Servicing skills in the UK, Ireland and abroad and to
recognise those skills through an effective Certification Programme.

The Objectives -
Focus racket servicing activities on all racket sports, including Tennis, Badminton, Squash,
Racquetball, Racquets and Real Tennis.

• Provide a comprehensive calendar of Racket Servicing courses.
• Maintain a Certification Programme that recognizes Racket Service skills.
• Develop links with Manufacturers, Suppliers, Coaching Associations, Shop Owners,
Tournament Organisers and other Stringing Associations.
• Support retailers by provision of effective in-store staff training.
• Provide qualified Tournament Stringers for events.


Many coaches and players who only string their own rackets may feel that they do not need to belong to any stringing association. However, rackets are becoming more complex, superlight and more prone to problems during the stringing process. To reduce this potential, a good knowledge of racket servicing skills is needed.

Sports Shops that provide a stringing service especially need technical support and guidance in order to maintain a high level of expertise and avoid costly mistakes.
Being a UKRSA member means that you are never far away from expert guidance.

If you restring someone else’s racket for payment, then you certainly do need the correct skills and knowledge. Getting things wrong means paying out for a mistake that you could easily have avoided.


Liam Nolan founded the UKRSA in 2002. His biggest stringing career moments (after stringing his first racket!) include achieving the Master Racket Technician award with the USRSA and being asked to lead the 2001/2002 Bow Brand Official Wimbledon Stringing Team. Liam has been a Davis Cup stringer for GB and other countries and works closely with the LTA and England Squash on coach education. An active squash coach, Liam is based at the UKRSA HQ in Lincolnshire where many of the ad-hoc training courses are held. He covers the Midlands, Yorkshire and Northumberland.

David Hall is a UKRSA staff tutor, USRSA Master Racket Technician and qualified Tournament Stringer. He has a vast experience across all racket sports and runs a successful sports shop at Frinton LTC. David is at the forefront of UKRSA developments and is always keen to ensure that we offer the best possible technical support to all UKRSA members, tournament players and coaches. David is currently the UKRSA Southern Region Training Manager.

Hugh Alexander UKRSA staff tutor is based in Perth and covers all of Scotland. It does not matter if you are in Aberdeen, Hugh will be pleased to hear from you!

Peter Furlong UKRSA staff tutor is a very successful professional stringer with Davis Cup experience. He is based in Dublin where he runs training courses at the Castleknock LTC.

Pat Hough UKRSA staff tutor runs a very successful shop and stringing centre in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. An accomplished player and stringer over many years, Pat covers the southern half of Ireland.

Technical Advisors, Manufacturers and Suppliers all of whom have an active interest and wide experience in racket sports, provide other additional support.

However, the real energy and direction will undoubtedly come from people like yourself, so we hope that you are able to join our ranks.
The UKRSA works closely with the US Racquet Stringers Association, widely recognised as the world lead body in racket servicing. The USRSA has set a benchmark of service quality that will be hard to match. The UKRSA  runs Prep Courses and testing for the USRSA Certified Stringer and Master Racket Technician awards.

The UKRSA is aimed at anyone who is involved in the relationship between string/racket and ball/shuttle. It is YOUR association, so much of the information will come from yourselves, people who play and coach, who service rackets, understand the problems and who have most of the answers!

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